A long journey: NYC -> Belo Horizonte

Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 4am – Greenpoint, Brooklyn -> JFK airport


After a sleepless night, we arrive at the airport only to find our 7:40am flight was delayed.


We make the most of the situation by napping and taking care of unfinished business…

and making ourselves comfortable for the first leg of the trip to Bogota, Colombia.

…and making ourselves comfortable for the first leg of the trip to Bogota, Colombia.


It’s raining in Bogota.  There’s no time to explore the airport because we have to hustle to make the connecting flight to São Paulo.

Flight Bogota, Colombia to São Paulo, Brasil

Now I have the incredible opportunity to do something new, to push myself and come up with my own unfettered creative routine. Movement will be an essential part of this – a wonderful way to start each day! (Inspiration: Capoeria morning ritual video.)

I’m envisioning time each day for collecting information (research, reading, walking around observing and documenting). Dialogue exercises with Pilar.

I’d also like to make some autonomous works:


-short videos

-works on paper

This is the perfect opportunity to get myself organized and create a work flow that really works for me.

We arrive in São Paulo just before midnight and navigate our way to the hotel for a rest before the flight to Belo Horizonte, the next day.  It’s a nice place, but we’re so tired by this point we would happily sleep anywhere that’s not an airplane seat.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 – São Paulo, Brasil


In the morning, the swimming pool looks great but as soon as we open the door we realize it’s too chilly to swim. It is winter here, after all!


So onto breakfast… abacaxi!


And then back to the airport,


for our flight on TAM Linhas Aéreas – TAM airlines!

Belo Horizonte, Brasil

The earth is almost red in parts.


From the airport, we take in the landscape and try to stay awake through the hour long bus ride to Belo Horizonte.

We arrive into downtown Belo Horizonte and are warmly greeted by Chica (Francisca Caporali) and Daniella Domingues from JA.CA., who walk us over to the apartment to drop off our bags and then over to the studio to have a look.


Pilar and Tamara at the bus stop in downtown Belo Horizonte.

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