Saturday in Belo Horizonte


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Even though we only had one solid work day here this week, it’s good to take it a little easy over the weekend. We can be a bit slower getting out of the house today.

My plan is to process the experience so far – the travel, getting settled and our explorations/adventures. The challenge is to do this in a timely manner. This is how I’ll learn and build my chops, sharpen my chops? Oh, what’s that expression? This whole “online process diary” is a rather tedious process although perhaps it’ll get easier as I do it.

We have a nice time wandering around the city, heading towards the market, but many shops are closing already, I guess we got a later start than we thought.  We stumble upon a dance party on a blocked off street.  There are huge speakers set up and a couple of guys doing synchronized dance steps, a few of other guys doing their own thing to the music, and a lot of people hanging out watching.  Initially it seems like a street performance but they never stop to ask for money, though at one point another man passes out fliers for a dance party.  Another woman decked out in a shiny mini-dress and platform shoes convinces them to move over to more level ground and joins in the choreographed steps.  We hang out there for a while and Pilar takes some video, but I am just enjoying the music, dance, and feeling of being there.

2.EveLight_IMG_3110 3.PilarInRepose_IMG_3113 4.Dusk_IMG_3115 5.Night_IMG_3118

Back in the apartment, we hang out at the balcony window for a bit, taking in the city from above.

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