Sunday in Belo Horizonte

Sunday, July 20, 2014



We’ve had three full days here in Belo Horizonte and now we start the fourth. I’m feeling relaxed after drinks last night at Ze’s place at the edge of the favela and sleeping in today. It’s a beautiful day and I’m sitting in a patch of sun coming through the window onto the couch. Pilar and I started the day with some yoga stretches and I’m feeling really good! I love the feeling of the sun on my body.


Las Meninas

We go out to check out the fair happening outside of our window and walk around the city without a plan.


Pilar’s ready to go!


Sur America front lobby.




Speaking of bodies in space…


…I did a double-take…


…seeing these mannequins.


A mess of yellow barricades.


Ice cream vendor.








and construction fences.


This evening we visit a fair at the UMFG University with Chica and her friend, Ju, and then go for a drink in Savassi.

I love the pile of cement dividers.

Nice pile of cement dividers.

Night construction.

Construction at night.

Graffiti at night.

Graffiti at night.



I feel like I could use a little dose of self-confidence. This ebbs and flows but for whatever reason I’ve been feeling a bit insecure, inadequate, less than. I’m quickly realizing that the point & shoot works as a way to take quick visual notes but is not an ideal tool. It opens to a rather wide angle that takes views much more distant than the photo I wish to take in my mind.

I’m feeling a little better now, really just trying to work through things. I started viewing the point&shoot photos and outlining concepts for blog posts and then got sidetracked. My time here is a good opportunity to develop good habits and better working practices. We’re about to embark on our first full work week here. The plan is to start off with 3 excursions each week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then in the evening process the experience through field notes and photos/videos. Tuesday and Thursday we’ll work independently. It’s really about time to sleep but the music outside is still pumping. Good night.

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