Could it be rain?

Friday, July 25, 2014

It’s raining in Belo Horizonte for the first time since we’ve been here. It’s almost 11am and everyone seems to be getting a slow start today in the rain.

I only brought two pens and I have a feeling I may empty them both of ink with all of the writing I’m doing. It’s a good thing!

I’m struck by Pilar’s fluidity in writing field notes and also taking photos. I’m not quite sure what I’m contributing to this collaboration at the moment – but I do see this as an invaluable opportunity to learn and develop my voice.

Each segment is like a chapter of Av do Contorno. The layout of the city reminds me of Paris and its various arrondissements.




Belo Horizonte










It’s Friday evening and Joanna takes us shopping to Verdemar, a gourmet shopping experience which is apparently also a local pick-up spot.  Who knew?  It’s a good thing Pilar brought her lipstick!

IMG_2264 copy

We recognize some streets from our excursions.


There’s lots of traffic on Friday evenings in BH.







Afterwards we have a great time hanging out with Joanna, her husband, Guilhermi and friend Rachel.  With all of the amazing people we meet, we get to understand a deeper layer of the city.

Minas Gerais is known for its delicious cheeses.

Queijos de Minas





-Requeijao de Barra

I vow to try them all!



The Minas flag.


We hear stories of the past JA.CA resident Krystof Gutfranski and his work with fito-mining.

Pilar and I talk about a blurry line between our work and play, which is as it should be though perhaps we could rest a bit more in general. They tell us we look tired.

I ask myself, who are the architects of Belo Horizonte?


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