A walk to the art store

Monday, July 28, 2014

So it seems we could walk all of Av do Contorno in 12 visits.  We’ve been having a bit of a melt down approaching week two here.  I’ve been feeling stuck and hesitant these days about my work and my roll here.  BE FEARLESS!  I’ve got to set my intention and do it!

My body is feeling good starting the day with yoga.  The class included quite an interesting cast of middle aged to older women, who all seemed rather excited about us meninas joining the class.  It’s enough to maintain and then I can fill in any other necessary gaps throughout the day.

I finally set out to visit the art store.

2014_07_28_IMG_2292_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2294_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2295_iP

It’s just about 5:30 and starting to get dark already, dusk I think they call it.  Going out on my own proves challenging for shopping because I have a hard time communicating and I realize I’m not going to get very far without being able to understand and be understood.  I’ve found my way back to Av do Contorno without even planning to go there – in fact I was about to give up on the art store all together, thinking it must be closer to the center.  I really enjoyed the walk back through Savassi at night, seeing all of the barricades of the fancy buildings. informal shelters constructed on the street and lots of construction.

2014_07_28_IMG_2299_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2301_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2306_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_3247_PS2014_07_28_IMG_2308_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2309_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2311_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2312_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2313_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2316_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_2318_iP 2014_07_28_IMG_3252_PS 2014_07_28_IMG_3261_PS

Perhaps this residency and our work here will result in developing a visual language for working with the gopro and navigating with the body.  I feel increasing frustration with my point and shoot camera, I do believe it served its purpose for a time but that I may be growing out of it and ready to move on to something else.  Perhaps I need to set some parameters for myself, max 5 minute edit for each excursion.  The benefit of the gopro is that its constantly running and doesn’t require much attention but on the other hand this is completely giving over control of your vision, for ex. “Mira este perito” but all the viewer sees at that moment is the video is the metal railing.  It’s all a process.  Currently under construction.


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