Saturday with Artemis

Saturday, Aug 2, 2014

Rereading my notebook and highlighting notes reminds me to be present where ever I am. I am here right now enjoying this moment. I am happy to be alive and awake early enjoying the sun with the opportunity to collect my thoughts and let them spill over onto the page.

0a.Drawing1_sm_IMG_2476 0b.Drawing2_sm_IMG_2479

There’s something refreshing about the minimality of living out of one suitcase and a backpack. Having so few possessions frees up time and energy for other things (as opposed to being dragged down by clutter).

The sun coming in through the window feels great on my arm and there’s a cool breeze creating just the right balance of temperatures. I do like watching the city wake up like this!

Meditation ->process of being present for a certain time.


A wonderful day with Artemis!

1.Radios_sm_IMG_3266 2.Radios_sm_IMG_3268 3.Radios_sm_IMG_3270 4.Doorway_sm_IMG_3273 5.Car_sm_IMG_3274 6.Alley_sm_IMG_3276 8.Patterns_sm_IMG_3279 7.Surfaces_sm_IMG_3277 9.Patterns_sm_IMG_3280 10.Chalkboard_sm_IMG_3282 11.Streets_sm_IMG_3283 11b.BonaBus_sm_IMG_3284 12.Meninas_sm_IMG_3289 13.Patterns_sm_IMG_3292 14.Pilar&herCondo_sm_IMG_3295 15.Structure_sm_IMG_3306 16.Structure_sm_IMG_3307 17.Structure_sm_IMG_3308 18.Patterns_sm_IMG_3314 19.Patterns_sm_IMG_3320

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