Sunny Sunday

Sunday, Aug 3, 2014

It’s an absolutely beautiful and relaxed Sunday in Belo Horizonte!  After hanging out and partying with Artemis, Camila, Dayve, and Livia, we were quite tired today and after the last couple of intense weeks, it’s really nice to have some time to chill.  I actually still got up at 7am and started working with some of the photos.

1.LobbyConstruction_sm_IMG_3321 2.LobbyConstruction_sm_IMG_3324

At the studio now, making some progress here although my computer seems to be going rather slowly.  In any case, things are getting uploaded and posted. 


I’m practicing patience, focusing on one thing at a time not to overload the computer or myself as I upload this first video.

3.Studio_sm_IMG_3327 4.StudioWindow_sm_IMG_3328

5.StudioSidewalk_sm_IMG_3329 6.StudioSidewalk_sm_IMG_3330

It’s 11pm and I’m shutting down my computer.  I feel like I’ve really fallen behind with my editing and posting, and I have, but the key is to catch up – now. It’s a combination of editing the video and also finding my voice for the text.  I really did need the rest from today and hopefully I’ll be well rested and ready for a super productive week.

The music outside actually sounds really great! Fouro! Accordion, drums and vocals.

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