Studio day: Staying in the present

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014

I woke up feeling much better today! It’s amazing! I woke up at 6am already and so happy to be feeling back to normal!

1.LobbyConstruction_sm_IMG_3340 2.LobbyConstruction_sm_IMG_3344 3.LobbyConstruction_sm_IMG_3345 4.LobbyConstruction_sm_IMG_3346 5.LobbyConstruction_sm_IMG_3348 6.LobbyConstruction_sm_IMG_3349

One step at a time.  Stay in the present.

Our bi-weekly yoga classes with Graça, on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, have become something I very much look forward to in our schedule. Especially after being sick in bed all of yesterday, my body was yearning for this kind of movement and stretching. Graça is a lovely woman with a very sweet demeanor and relaxing air about her. She speaks to us in Portuguese. We are able to understand most of it and follow along in the class by watching Graça and others. One of my favorite ps of today was Dancino de Elefante.

My negative self censor is rearing its ugly head again.  I see so much potential around me. I take in all of these incredible surroundings, but feel frustrated that I can’t create something from this.

7.StudioWindow_sm_IMG_3350 8.StudioWindow_sm_IMG_3351

I am a human being. An individual living in a particular place at a certain time, with incredible opportunities to live and experience the world. I feel this on the most local level within a radius of a few blocks from my home as well as in the amazing places throughout the world that I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know. (through “my work”. WORK is another topic for another time.)

I’m feeling really resistant to make this blog post…I’m trying to fight my way through it somehow and find my voice in it.  Yet, I hear my inner critic so loudly:: …but it’s boring! …the photos aren’t good…the footage is shaky. I’m realizing how important it is for me to go though the footage after each shoot. Without even this initial review, I’ll continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

I just came up with a very ambitious but good schedule for the rest of the week.



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