India to Pampulha

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It’s really important for me to focus long enough to bring something to conclusion. My mind tends to jump around a lot and when I have 20 things I’ve started, but don’t get to finish one of them, I feel frustrated because I’m not seeing any results.


There’s music on the streets again, and this time when I look out the window I see a wash of colors and dance!

0a.India1_IMG_0921 0c.India.IMG_0924 0d.India.IMG_0925


What a fun afternoon/night with Pilar, Steffania, and Chica! First the adventures of getting to Pampulha, our “nature walk”, then the opening at the museum itself, making friends with the waiter providing bottomless glasses of sparkling wine, checking out the exhibition, including the work of fellow studio artist Ricardo and especially responding to the work of Ricardo Reis (my friend in art).

1.Posts_sm_IMG_3665 2.PinkPlywood_sm_IMG_3668 3.PinkPlywood_sm_IMG_3671 4.PinkPlywood_sm_IMG_3672 5.Wall_sm_IMG_3674 6.Wall_sm_IMG_3675 9.Bird_sm_IMG_3680 12.Flowers_sm_IMG_3684 13.Flowers_sm_IMG_3685 10.Tree_sm_IMG_3681 14.Tree_sm_IMG_3686 15.Tree_sm_IMG_3687 16.Tree_sm_IMG_3688 17.YellowBlack_sm_IMG_3689

18.Exhibit_IMG_3692 19.Exhibit_sm_IMG_3694 20.Exhibit_sm_IMG_3695 21.Exhibit_sm_IMG_3696 22.Exhibit_sm_IMG_3698 23.Exhibit_sm_IMG_3699 24.Exhibit_sm_IMG_3700 25.Exhibit_sm_IMG_3701 26.Pili_sm_IMG_3702

It was also fun driving around with the girls afterwards, stopping by the trade show and Chica’s amazing apartment and of course a great time as always hanging out at Ze’s.



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