Studio day

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


With Graça.


Copacabana calçada design thermos belonging to one of the guys working on the lobby construction.

It feels REALLY GOOD to be here at the studio. I got in just after 11am (yoga today) and imagine we’ll work until about 2pm or so before heading for lunch and to take the clothes out of the washing machine.

1.LobbyAerial_IMG_3948sm 2.LobbyAerialIMG_3950sm3.AptView_IMG_3951sm 4.AptView_IMG_3952sm5.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3953sm 6.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3954sm

It’s such an amazing day with yoga in the morning, a great lunch and all of this time in the studio, amazing!


8.Desk_IMG_3959sm 9.Desk_IMG_3961sm


What an great night with Chica and family! I’m feeling really quite relaxed right now. I’m also very excited about the full day in the studio.

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