Lobby Construction & Street Vendor

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I got up just before 8 am, folded my laundry and now am drinking lime water pondering my next move, which will likely be: shower, breakfast, studio. It looks like another beautiful day and I’m very excited to have the full day in the studio.

The courtyard renovation at Edifício Sulamérica continues, creating a new landscape here every day.

1.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3968sm 2.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3971sm 3.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3972sm 4.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3973sm 5.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3978sm 6.LobbyContruction_IMG_3979sm

We’re just about at the half-way point of the residency – considering the final week will be open studio. I’ve got to get caught up with processing all of the material I’ve collected so far. This is good. A time to digest.

I’m systematically going through and filling in posts in the digital process diary since the beginning with links etc… I’m slowly creating order from chaos.

There’s an inherent bias in using a map to represent space.


This man sells virtually everything imaginable from a mobile shop/cart that he moves slowly down the street, stopping periodically to make sales.




Post idea: classic products with simple ingredients and packaging. Sabonete Phebo Odor de Rosas soap & Albaneve Vaselina Neutra.


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