Our Lady of the Assumption

Friday, August 15, 2014

Today is the feast day of Our Lady of the Assumption, a holiday in Belo Horizonte. As I walked back home from the workshop last night (with Joicinele, a young woman from the workshop) the streets were full of people hanging out in the street and partying. Today the city is quiet and these same streets are desolate.

Wow, just getting to the studio now at 11:45 and it’s already been a really intense morning from the first couple of steps out of the door. It all started with a guy on the street setting up cans on the ledge of the building. I look quickly and notice he’s turning the cans into little tea pot sculptures. I ask if he made them and if he’s always here. He tells me God brought him here right now so that he could meet me and we could have this conversation. We speak for quite a while.

1.Cans_IMG_3980sm 2.Wilson_IMG_3981sm

The streets are empty since it was a holiday. He has an ongoing dialogue with everyone who passes by, mostly folks who seem to be living/sleeping on the streets, like one man with a blanket tucked into the top of his backpack. Another man, with half of his face covered in tattoos, comes by to talk with us. At first he asks Wilson to hold his backpack, to which he quickly replies that an artist must take care of his tools. The guy starts making me a ring out of metal wire and then asks if I prefer a picture frame or a key ring. He continues bending and twisting the wire, as he tells me he’s been living on the streets for the past eleven years. At one point he says he will make this and then I will never see him again. He is a nice and friendly soul but he seems high on something. I am surprised that I can follow most of what he’s saying. He gives me the picture frame and I ask if we can all take a picture together, to put in the frame.



Day 2 : Impulso, Fluxo e Vibração

I wish I could remember all of the things that struck me from the workshop yesterday. As Carla said, four days isn’t enough time to learn about Impulso, Fluxo e Vibração but it’s enough to get a taste. I’m trying to figure this out just like everybody else…I’m not sure I necessarily need to request to film at the moment (I worry it may take me out of the experience of the moment, but am open to the possibility on Sat or Sun.)

This was another intense workshop today. I partnered with Joicinele in the exercises & we both had quite intense experiences in giving and receiving.

Carla Andrea Silva Lima – www.carlanormagna.blogspot.com


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