Monday, August 18, 2014

It’s another beautiful morning and I woke up feeling really great! I resisted the urge to check the internet on my phone, to be fully present in this moment of waking up.

1.NiceCrew_IMG_1018sm 2.Campaigning_IMG_1020sm

Steffania’s back and I’m thinking it may be time to pack up for the day and also pick up some beer/wine as she’s planning some kind of dinner with folks at home.

5.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3989sm 4.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3988sm6.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3991sm 7.LobbyConstruction_IMG_3992sm

This was such a great night with Steffania, Larissa, Morgana and her friend. Steffania made delicious typical dishes from Minas (video of Carne na Latta) and we all had a wonderful time hanging out.

[Carne na Lata]

8.Larissa_IMG_3993sm 10.Dinner_IMG_3995sm 11.Morgana&Larissa_IMG_3996sm

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