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Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Workshop with Maria Elena Bernardes

Silence – silent technique

Contact – so much technology and mediated experience

very different – especially for women who often live two or three realities simultaneously

MEB recalls listening to a conversation between two women sewing a fantasy.

It’s very rare to be in the moment/present .

Helps with contact with now.

Can be frustrating, different chemical reactions, processes.

Increasingly more relaxed and concentrated.

Little book: walking.

  1. Pay attention, how many steps between here and there (walking at a regular pace). First moment, how many steps in one breath.
  2. Amplify the number of steps between here and there in one breath.

Breathing / oxygenation is important for concentration (meditative).

  1. The final element is to smile.

I just returned from our third walk. I could feel my breath generally fluctuate between 4 and 5 steps. I noticed the way children engage with space is completely different from adults. One boy walking hand in hand with his father just instinctively jumped on top of a bench that was in his way without even considering walking around it. Another boy used a shrub as a prop to play hide and seek with his mom. Opening up this perception then made everything seem like it has potential to be a game. From there, I noticed my interaction with everyone in the workshop.

I found myself gravitating to the outer perimeter of the park and my pace quickened. I realized this is not unlike the process of walking on a track – a physical, psychological and even spiritual process named “exercise” to be socially acceptable.

I thought a bit about the camera, wondering if others noticed or what they thought of it but otherwise I tended to stay focused in the present exercise.

Smile, be relaxed and open…general awareness, feel the electric fields, notice the movement of your head.

Back at Nydia’s studio, Maria Elena and the group recaps our experiences. Nydia talks about the poetic possibilities of visual diagrams using photographs arranged on a wall. Maria Elena talks about a two week workshop of walking every day, executing a song of the street with your feet. She works a lot with memory and doesn’t worry about photos. She says before going to bed (after moisturizing)she returns to the first moment in walking when she was focused. She remembers the first image, and then a flux of images in returning to the moment. (alembranca – memory? Lembrança – souvenir). I wonder about the effect of documenting: photo, audio, etc…on memory.)


I’ve been enjoying spending some time without my glasses these days…doing movement exercises and some yoga or even just walking around the apartment when I know where I’m going or what Im looking for.

Enthusiasm (from the Greek, “filled with God”) is an ongoing energy supply tapped into the flow of life itself. Enthusiasm is grounded in play, not work.” – Julia Cameron

Perhaps I should rethink my: workspace = playspace.

Learning is movement from moment to moment.” – J. Krishnamurti

Synchronicity: Impulso, Fluxo e Vibração Oficina & Maria Elena Bernardes workshop.

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