Maria Elena Workshop Day 3

Saturday, August 23, 2014

1.Window_IMG_4033sm 2.Window_IMG_4034sm

How incredible it is to find myself within a group of like minded people, while we don’t share a common language, we do share a number of common interests and threads.

Animar – to animate, to give life

3.Patterns_IMG_2580sm 4.Patterns_IMG_2581sm

I’m continually impressed by these women and the way they incorporate research into their work.


Language – the importance of being able to communicate with others.

Maria Elena is a storyteller.

Fantasmas – ghosts – memories that haunt one, unsettled matters, unfinished business

Photography as meditation.

Video as dance.

Photo and video is a return to the past – editing is reliving past moments.

6.Girl_IMG_4035sm 7.Party_IMG_4037sm 8.Party_IMG_4039sm 9.Dusk_IMG_4042sm

I’m not even sure where to begin at the moment…but as soon as we were back outside again I felt inspired…to take photographs and to make things happen but also to get back to “making work” (sounds strange) to processing all of the material collected to date. There’s always something – sit back relax and let things happen.

10.Rene_IMG_2586sm 12.Calcada_IMG_2588sm 15.Table_IMG_2591sm 13.ReneCalcada_IMG_2589sm


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