On the way to Ouro Preto

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I’m happy to be up early and inspired to do a bit of processing on the computer before heading out on our trip to Ouro Preto.

I just had a momentary realization about how important it is to make selections of images. Taking the time to make the difficult decisions of which shot is better, which images are the keepers, saves a lot of other work in reformatting and retouching. View, decide, be selective.


It’s surprising to see organic elements mixed in with the construction supplies in the lobby this morning. The streets of Belo Horizonte are empty today. We pass by a stack of stools and crates chained up to a post, presumably by vendors to secure them on their day off.

Stool_IMG_4045sm CalcadaMoment_IMG_4046sm

I took this photograph immediately after seeing a man laying on the sidewalk on the way to the bus station. He was covered in pink flowers and leaves. I wondered if it was a joke that someone played on him or if he was dead and this was a memorial. It was quite a shocking sight, that made it seem like he’d been there a very long time, except there were no flowers or leaves anywhere else on the pavement. Two women stood a few steps away giving away some papers with religious information. I wanted to stop and ask them if there were affiliated with the man lying on the sidewalk or if they knew what happened to him but instead I pulled out my camera and took this photograph of the sidewalk.

We had a little bit of time before our bus, so we walked around the bus station looking for something to eat.  I could hear the surreal sound of birds, and then on the top floor we came across a large area filled with birds in cages.  We finally opted for some fresh juice and headed on our way so as not to miss our bus.

3.BirdCages_IMG_4049sm 4.JuiceGirls_IMG_4050sm

From the bus, we see incredible landscapes, lots of mountains and urubu, the wide-winged black birds.

5.Patterns_IMG_4053sm 6.Landscape_IMG_4063sm

Ouro Preto is exceptionally picturesque, with a dark history as the center of the rush for “Black Gold” and former capital of Minas Gerais.

8.EnteringOroPreto_IMG_4067sm 10.Landscape_IMG_4072sm 11.Photo_IMG_4073sm 12.Restautrant_IMG_2602sm 14.Construction_IMG_4076sm 16.StreetPavers_IMG_4080sm17.Hills_IMG_4085sm 19.Windows_IMG_4091sm18.Fountain_IMG_4087sm21.Rooves_IMG_4098sm 22.Rooves_IMG_4099sm

I love the all of the architectural details and the lacy curtains and napkins.

24.Buildings_IMG_4103sm 25.Curtains_IMG_4105sm 30.Balcony_IMG_4111sm 29.View_IMG_4110sm

The wooden store signs hang from the sides of the buildings.

23.Mineros_IMG_4101sm 28.Signs_IMG_4109sm 35.MeninasGerais_IMG_4121sm

There are also these wonderfully patterned wooden shutters on many of the windows…

26.Windows_IMG_4106sm 27.Window_IMG_4108sm 34.Windows_IMG_4118sm 31.Window_IMG_4113sm

…and a number of public fountains throughout the city.

33.Fountain_IMG_4117sm 32.Fountain_IMG_4116sm

There are churches everywhere in Ouro Preto.  Since we got a late start, we didn’t have much time. The one church I wanted to visit was Santa Efigenia dos Pretos, it was built by the local black slave community in 1742.  Legend has it that it is richly decorated with gold that was smuggled from the mines.  It turns out its also the furthest away on the highest hill.  This long uphill walk gave us a chance to observe the street life, many people sitting outside on their steps or in windows, chatting with their neighbors.  Once we arrived to the top of the hill, the church was already closed but we were just in time to see the sunset over Ouro Preto.

36.DoorwaysAtDusk_IMG_4126sm 38.Sunset_IMG_4129sm 39.StaEfeginia_IMG_4131sm 40.Graveyard_IMG_4134sm

Then there was the long walk back down the hill.

41.Skyline_IMG_4136sm 43.Blocks_IMG_4141sm 44.StreetShrine_IMG_4142sm 45.Window_IMG_4144sm 49.Window_IMG_4153sm 46.Doorways_IMG_4145sm 47.Car_IMG_4148sm 48.Door_IMG_4151sm

It was getting dark already and we decide to stop off for a drink.

50.FloorTiles_IMG_4155sm 51.P&T_IMG_4158sm 53.P&T_IMG_4160sm 52.RoofTiles_IMG_4159sm

54.Night_IMG_4164sm 55.River_IMG_4165sm 56.Night_IMG_4170sm 57.Patterns_IMG_4175sm 58.Doorway_IMG_4176sm 59.StreetShrine_IMG_4179sm 60.HomesAtNight_IMG_4182sm 61.FountainAtNight_IMG_4185sm 62.Windows_IMG_4190sm 63.StoneMarkings_IMG_4191sm

Here’s a great 360° view of Ouro Preto I came across online:



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