This digital process diary chronicles our time and experience throughout the JA.CA International Residency Program in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, July 15-September 15, 2014 .

Inside-Out is a collaborative artistic/research project that sets out to explore the intuitive relationship between humans and their surroundings, integrating theories of the body and embodiment to the lived experience of public spaces in Belo Horizonte.  These exchanges will lead us to the production of audiovisual work and an illustrated book, materializing our interactions with the physical, social, and symbolic space of the Belo Horizonte, as well as our discussions-exchanges based on shared experiences navigating the city, an unknown place for both of us.

Following the work of artist collectives such as Dada, the Situationists, as well as many theorists of the body and space, this research seeks to observe the way bodies and the environment constitute each other, by generating new situations and exchanges.  How does the theory make more sense while observing and feeling the spaces around us?  How does the theory allow us to better understand the spaces and social processes we experience in an unknown context?

Movement is an essential part of life.  To dance, to stretch, to move, are actions that unite the body, mind and life force in a way like no other. In the Kowalski Workshop [attended by Tamara in Warsaw, 2013] each day began with a rigorous schedule of kungfu, tai-chi and improvisation exercises in pairs and groups, which developed close bonds among the participants and set the tone for an aware and productive day.  Many of the principles developed in the morning movement sessions can be applied in the wider public sphere with an increased sensitivity of self and awareness to surroundings.  Part of our time in Belo Horizonte is dedicated to the task of absorbing, feeling, and documenting the environment, as well as provoking encounters with it. This can be produced by diverse bodily actions such as staring, touching, jumping, scratching, crawling, kicking, sitting on, examining or laying down on different kinds of surfaces and spaces.

We are conducting intuitive explorations of the surrounding landscape, focused on the interaction and relationship of ourselves as individuals with the built environment of the city.  By going out in the world, on journeys throughout the landscape of Belo Horizonte we will experience various parts of the city, interact with people, engage in direct contact with a specific location, and document the process as we are compelled to.  We are constantly seeking for everyday actions and exchanges with the people who give life to public spaces. During our travels, we photograph, videotape, and take notes to register these explorations and their effects on our body and consciousness.  Through this particular methodology involving movement, exploration, research and creation we set out to explore the relationship of the body and the environment culminating in a unique set of findings in the form of a distinct artwork.

Pilar Ortiz and Tamara Gubernat

More about JA.CA:  http://jacaarte.org/?p=1072&lang=en



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