Maria Elena Workshop Day 2

Friday, August 22, 2014

I woke up super early with the sun. In fact, sunrise seems to be getting earlier: 6:45 today. There’s something rather nice about an east facing room.

The past two weeks have been quite intense with workshops. This is great and very inspirational but I could use a bit more time for my own work. I make the time and/or I am more efficient with the time I have.

A space to experiment and focus on the process rather than the result (open studio is not an exhibition.) I still feel it’ll be important to bring this process to some form of completion especially before we leave here.

Maria Elena Bernardes’ lecture

1.Knots_IMG_4017sm 2.Knots_IMG_4018sm 3.Knots_IMG_4019sm

Activate surrealist antennae

domramento” = folding

A second plane (about the book)

It’s not necessarily a document.

sabor do realdade – the taste of reality

Filming is a problem of the past. A document isn’t reality. Before 2010, Maria Elena had a problem with this. It has to be alive, not dead (as in a document).

Live implies contact.

Inspirar = inhale

amplify the radar of perception

corpo arquivista

The street gives you a lot – an abundance.

4.Tea_IMG_4021sm 5.Tea_IMG_4020sm

Pay attention: how can this relate to your work?

Things coexist (arrangements) without bringing attention to their existence.

Pay attention: how are things made and arranged?

The street is a banquette for the people.

The street has its own life/energy, the way people interact, position themselves, waiting for the bus (human nature, interacting with others and surroundings).

The frequency of the human antennae: collect impressions with human antennae, photograph, make notes.

6.Chica_IMG_4022sm 7.Market_IMG_4023sm 8.Aquariums_IMG_4025sm 9.Market_IMG_4028sm 10.Market_IMG_4029sm 11.Teresa_IMG_4030sm

I am always walking around with a camera at home, making visual notes. Today I felt more comfortable walking around with the gopro – I took my time, counting steps, breathing, and smiling.

Feeling like a baby seeing things for the first time, not thinking as words but experience. The feeling of being excited and enthusiastic.

We’re always rushing, rushing – slow down and relax. (The feeling of walking without a phone or money.)

INSPIRAR – to inhale, to inspire

EXPIRAR – to exhale, to expire (die/end)

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